Obtaining SharpEye

You can buy SharpEye over the internet directly from Visiv - detailed instructions are below. SharpEye is also distributed by a number of other companies - see the links page for details of these.

If you are not used to trying and buying software using the internet, here are detailed instructions explaining how to buy SharpEye from Visiv.

1. Go to the Download Page.

2. When you click on the "Download SharpEye..." link, this will start downloading a file called "installsharpeye2.exe". You should see a dialog box open and ask what you want to do with the file. You should choose "Save As File" and then choose somewhere on your hard disc to save it. (The exact details may depend on your browser.) The download itself will normally take 5-10 minutes with a typical modem.

3. Once the download is complete, you will have the SharpEye installation file on your hard disc. You can disconnect from the internet now.

4. Install SharpEye. It is safest to close all other programs that may be running before doing this. Double click on the file to start the installation. There are some options to choose during the installation, but if you are unsure, it is best to accept the defaults.

5. You can now try SharpEye for 30 days. SharpEye 2 is time-limited so that it will stop working after 30 days.

6. If you want to use Sharpeye beyond 30 days, you must buy it. Any attempt to circumvent this is illegal.

7. If you don't want to continue using it, you can un-install it by going to Start | Settings | Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs, finding "SharpEye" in the list of programs, and clicking on Add/Remove.

8. In order to buy SharpEye, you must obtain a "licence key" (sometimes called a "registration key" or an "unlock code"). The easiest and quickest way of doing this is over the internet using a credit card. Find your credit card, then click on the "Buy" button on the Visiv home page. This will take you to a secure web site run by BMT Micro, who are based in the US. You will be presented with a form to fill in (name, address, email address, credit card number). You will then receive the licence key by email, together with instructions about what to do with it. You can also pay by other means (see other ways to pay for details).

Some extra notes:

In fact SharpEye 2 will go on working for a while after the 30-day deadline. This is in case you experience a delay when you want to buy it, eg due to problems with your email, credit card, or you post a cheque, etc. As long as you are trying to pay, you are entitled to continue using SharpEye 2 during this period.

If you obtained SharpEye on a CD or floppy, you can skip 1-3 above, though you might like to check that you have a recent version.

All the internet sales of SharpEye are handled by BMT Micro. If you have any problem with buying SharpEye by this method, please contact them about it. (The most common problem is mis-typing your email address so they can't send you the key.) If you have a problem with installing or using SharpEye itself, contact me instead.


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